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Your joyful planning companion.



Day in, day out, teachers – AKA you – do it all. 

From science to shaping minds, maths to managing behaviour, pedagogy to play, and literally everything in between. Teaching has to be one of the most fulfilling roles on the planet, but one that requires a little (*cough* a lot) of planning to be the best teachers we can be. 

And as teachers ourselves, we know that to bring all these elements together, you need and deserve the right tools to support and empower you.

It’s for this reason that Mrs Edgar was born. 

And while practicality, quality, innovation, durability, and design already set Mrs Edgar’s products apart, there’s an extra element that makes them even more special…

That element is joy. 


Your joyful planning companion. For inspiration and uplift. For teaching and for life. And for lessons that have the power to shape young minds.


For freebies, inspiration, resources and lots of other good stuff, too.
Think of it like a little love note + cheat sheet all in one, from one teacher to another. 

About Mrs Edgar

I created Mrs Edgar’s Teacher Planners to empower and uplift teachers to be the best they can be… in lessons and in life.

As an Australian primary school teacher (and mother to 3), I always craved practical but beautiful tools to keep me organised, inspired, and to add value to my privileged role as a shaper of young minds. And I’m so glad you’re here now so I can share the things I have created for you.

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